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For any serious online business, you must have your own domain name and matching email address, using Gmail as your main contact address looks very unprofessional and does not build trust. There are thousands of domain names registered every day, many people will register your business name in the hope they can sell the domain to you later - called cyber-squatting.

You should go over to our domain name and hosting service  and do some searches to see what names are available that relate to your chosen business niche. If you are not certain how to start, just type the name of your niche and the system will suggest various optional domain names.
Here is some advice on picking a good domain name for your niche online business;
1. Make it easy to type avoid crazy spellings.
2. Keep it short or as short as available.
3. Use keywords that relate to your area of operation.
4. Target your area by including your location.
5. The Telephone test to see how easy it is to explain (or get wrong)
6. Be memorable in some way.
7. Important: Research Online before you buy it! Don't register someone elses name.
8. Use an appropriate domain name extension - there are now over a hundred new endings you can register.
9. Protect and build your brand - Act quicly to get your name first!
10. Act fast! - Domain names sell quickly. Thankfully, they’re also inexpensive, so register your favourite domain name(s) as soon as possible. If you’re having trouble finding an available name, we will suggest alternate names during your domain search to help you find the perfect domain name. Read the full Article "How to Pick a Domain Name".
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